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I know I’ve been absent for a while and I appreciate everyone for sticking around during this unexpected time off. I hope to be back but for the time being, feel free to message me if you would like to chat or plot or discuss the Walking Dead :)

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Alright, I can RP a bit tonight but I really want to play Pan. So, if you want to RP with me, message godgonewild

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Butts I Like - Part 1/2

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I’m a bear!

aqupy said: Maybe seclude him to just the kitchen? Or some room where its easy to watch him.

Yeah but if he doesn’t play durring the day, he’ll be hyper at night. He needs to run and play. 

I have a crate for him which he is getting used to but I have a couple friends telling me it’s wrong to crate him. Still, they’re not offering to help watch him and I can’t be with him at all times.

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I was hoping to have the vet give Murphy a clean bill of health so I can finally stop monitoring him 24/7 but that didn’t happen. While he is better, I now need to make sure his cone is on constantly and that he doesn’t run or even play. Idk how they expect me to stop a puppy from running and playing but I guess I have to try.

I was seriously about to cry in the vet’s office. It take all my attention and energy just to keep Murphy from chewing and eating things my family leaves out that might possibly hurt him. Now I have to keep him still for a week? How is he supposed to burn all that energy? He’ll be hyper at 11 pm and I will be exhausted.

God, I just wish my family would help me, if only for a few hours. I watch their dogs and walk them. I’m with them when they are away. And I’m still doing this while taking care of a puppy. The least they could do is pick up after themselves and watch him so I can rest.

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No more History Channel!

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— Miles Johnstone


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